Our positions


The Student Council at RUC is an interest group for all students at RUC. We fight to represent the interests of all RUC-student in academic, social and student political matters. Our goal is to assemble all RUC-students in a strong and active interest community, which seeks influence everywhere, and we want to improve the education quality at RUC, and the framework that surrounds it. We students are the everyday experts, and the goal of this paper is to frame the fundamental values and principals, that is the framework for our work.

Education for all

A fundamental value for the Student Council is that education and the equal access to education no matter sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation and social background is a fundamental right.

The equal access shall for instants be ensured by limiting the financial barriers. Therefore, tuition in all it forms should be abolished, and all students must be financially supported during their studies. This includes a student grant (SU) that is able to live off, access to cheap housing and affordable transportation costs.

Besides that, there shall be extra support for students with special needs. That includes students that that parents as well as students that experiences sudden changes in their life situation. Disabilities and sickness – physical as well as psychological – shall not be an obstacle for students to finish their studies.

Equal access to education shall also be ensures by limiting the judicial and cultural barriers. Therefore we support the right of every student to achieve a Master’s Degree in direct continuation of finishing their Bachelor’s Degree and we are overall against tightening the requirements of study entrance. The cultural barriers shall be limited by using teaching and learning methods, which facilitates the acquisitions of knowledge regardless of social background.

Establishing a critical culture

The most important thing as a student, is that we gain the competences to ask the though questions. That requires that we, through scientific based education meet the critical academic approach. That should happen through dialog, continuation feedback and near contact with scientists as well as fellow students. Differencing teaching methods and didactic courses shall support and secure good conveys of knowledge at the highest level.

I the problem orientated approach we often asks a question to a given subject on the basis of different academic approaches. Interdisciplinarty and the project work – run by students and guided by scientists – demands a high level of reflection and critical thinking. In the project work, we develop and challenge each other and are trained in working together in a group. In the interdisciplinary project work we as students gain the opportunity to use the theoretical framework in practical work.

Flexibility in our studies

It is important that we as students have the opportunity to organize our studies, so they fit to our living conditions and our wishes for the contents of our studies. Besides that, our studies should give us the opportunity to take a leave, if that is what we need, and they should be organized in a way, so it is possible to have a student job or engage in volunteer work outside the studies. Therefore, no one should be forced through their educations without the possibility to deregister for exams and classes. We need time to gain knowledge and the opportunity to excel ourselves through internships and other activities.

A good frame for good educations

To create the best environment for learning and retention the physical frames on campus are crucial. In the teaching situation the physical frames should inspire learning, and give the students the opportunity to use campus and the university facilities to all parts of our student life. At the same time it is crucial for the will to engage in ones study, that campus supplies the frames that are a part of creating a good and living study environment, and that gives students the possibility to gain new relations, that can retain and develop us as students. To ensure ownership of the university space it is important, that there are spaces, that are completely or partially student run.

Democracy in our studies and on the university

To ensure the development and quality of our studies, it is important that we students has an equal saying in the decisions, that concerns the content and organizing of our studies, in close dialog with scientific and administrative staff. We contribute with important input in both local and central governing bodies, because we can point out problems and suggest solutions, and in that way contribute to create a university, that takes into account the students it educates. Therefore, it is a fundamental value for the Student Council to strengthening the university democracy and to ensure, that we students are always heart in cases that concerns our educations.

The universities are institutions that are in constant motion and develops new knowledge and new work methods, and students can contribute with new and interesting angles on the academic professions and new methods to organize studies, stat ensures the continuous motion. Therefore it is central that students have influence on their own teaching, and has the opportunity to perform academic criticism through equal saying on the curriculum. This requires, that the governing bodies that are responsible for the development and quality of our educations to be composed in such a way, that these discussions are meaningful.

To ensure that we students can engage in the social life at RUC, it is a fundamental premise, that RUC ensures the involvement of students in decisions and development processes. That demands for instants that it is accessible and transparent for all, where and how one can have an influence on ones study and on the university.

The university for and in the society

Education is always a positive thing, because education plays an essential roll for the individual, but also because the whole society also benefits, because education gives us better premises for actively engaging in the development of the society.

In the Student Council we acknowledge that the university is not an isolated institution. On the contrary we shall, as students, be critical of the surrounding society. A society we are a part of forming and creating. Therefore shall we as students take responsibility for, that also the university is an institution that practices the values that we want to be the foundation of our society.

Our organization is build on

The values described in this document make out the foundation of the political, social and academic work we do in the Student Council. Therefore it is also natural that they are crucial for our way of building our own organization. This chapter describes the values and fundamental views that are central for the way we organize ourselves.

To give the students at RUC the strongest possible voice it is important to us that we as students have to stand together. We believe that all students should be organized in one organization and we are not affiliated with a political party. Our organization is diverse and there should be room for everybody. It is possible to be part of the Student Council regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, sex etc. The most important thing is that one wishes to fight for the interest of RUC-students, and to respect the democratic principals our organization is build on. In addition to that, we see ourselves as a part of the Danish student movement and are aware that we are part of a strong interest community, not just with our fellow students on the other universities, but also with students in all parts of the education system.

The Student Council at RUC / april 2014