RUC Election 2018

The university elections are on!

For the university elections on October 23-30 you are choosing, whom of your fellow students, that should represent you in RUC's Board of Directors and Academic Council.

Your Student Council  is running eight candidates - two for RUC's Board of Directors and two for the Academic Council. Our candidates represent each main study area, and are studying on the subjets, they are running for. In that way, we want to ensure, that all RUC students are represented.


Together we are fighting for a truly democratic university, where there is room for interdisciplinarity and local solutions and to recognize RUC as an international university. A RUC, where we prioritize our study administration and where there at HUM are more hours, and not bigger groups. Where there is a sustainable study environment at SAM, room for diversity at NAT, and where all HUMTEK-students are together in the same house.

 For the Board of Directors:

Micky Winther Ronnenberg (Business Economics): "Listen to us students - United for a truly democratic university"

Erik Lørup (Physics og Mathematics): "Stop meaningless standardization - Room for interdisciplinarity and local solutions"

For the Academic Council:

Antonio Cavagnari (International Studies and Communications): "International recognition for an international RUC"

Signe Bøtzau Paulsen (Journalism and History): "Support HUM - Increase lecture hours, not group sizes"

Nicoline Samantha Schmidt (Business studies and Social studies): "Keep social science social - Sustainable study environment together"

Freja Høy Hansen (Informatics og Performance Design): "HUMTEK - Home Tjek - Everyone in the same house"

Mathias Madvig Østerbye (Business Management): "Prioritize our study administration"

Jacob Tofte (Chemistry and Molecular Biology): "Don't lump us all together - Room for diversity on NAT" 

We students should expect educations of the highest level and quality.

Therefore, the Student Council works every day to make sure, that the academic level is at the top, that there are a great social life on campus and that we as students are represented in the best way possible, when important decisions are made at RUC. We students studies different education and have different everydays. Therefore, each candidate contributes with important perspectives, that combined qualifies our positions.

As students we work together around a common goal, because together, we students are best.

How you can join our campaign!

During the university elections there are plenty of opportunities to become part of our campaign. Whether you have five minutes, half an hour or an afternoon, you can help out with the campaign and help make RUC a better university. You are always welcome to drop by our offices in the Student House (through the door and to the right), where there from early morning to late night are lots of activities, you can join, or you can contact our volunteer coordinators Signe Tolstrup Mathiasen at or Lea Holritzer Pehrson at