Activities and sports

In case somebody has ideas for sport activities, RUCSPORT will be more than happy to let people use RUCSPORTs facilities. It is possible to get employed as an instructor for RUCSPORT (120 kr./hour), so if you would like to have a job besides your studies and at the same time work out and have fun with your fellow students, do not hesitate contacting RUCSPORT at with your ideas. 

Below you will find the activities that are already running. Some of the activities require membership of RUCSPORT and some do not. However, the purpose of all activities is that everybody is able to join and have fun - both students and staff!

Activities 2017

Indoor Sport

Dates and time: Saturday 16.00-18.00
Place: Trekronerhallen (See location here)
Membership: 50kr for non-RUCsport members, included in gym membership.
You do not have to sign up - just show up!
Description: We play everything from basketball, volleyball, soccer and whatever people are interested in. It is free for all - join us and have fun!
More info: facebook

What would you like?

Do you have an idea for a class that you would like to join or an activity that you find is lacking in RUCSPORT? Would you like to have a job besides your studies (120 kr./hour), where you can work out and have fun at the same time? Do you know anybody who would be interested in being employed as an instructor for RUCSPORT (120 kr./hour)?

There are no limits for types of activities and the more initiatives we have, the more diversity. Help us create a great sport environment at RUC and do not hesitate contacting us at!