Sorteper The Soundwagon

The Student Counsil gives you Sorteper!

RUC's best and wildest speakers on wheels!

Extremely user-friendly and a sound level able to able to create massive parties!

Sorteper wheighs 500 kilos, and it has a lot to offer. Plug in your smartphone or computer in the jackstick, and let the party commence. 

Har I en Dj? - Intet problem! You have a DJ? No problem!

Sorteper comes equipped with a mixer-pult, using the most used DJ-software to date (Serato)*.

It's easy to move around on its four flat-tire-free wheels**. It's robustly build, so that it can be pushed all around Campus.  

It comes equipped with or without roof. When the roof is on, a suncell helps powering up the batteries. The batterylife is an entire Roskilde Festival - so no worries. 

So if you're in need of a brilliand sound-system at your outdoor party, at the lake or at some other outdoor event, you're in need of Sorteper!


Important: Before you book Sorteper, you have to contact August.

Tel: +45 52 40 77 64
August Krogh

It costs 500 kr to rent Sorteper, and 1000 kr in deposit.


*It's possible to plug in your own mixer

** It takes at least three people to push Sorteper around.