The Rehearsal Studio

The Student Council rehearsal studio

Are you in need of a place to play music and rock on? We’ve got it! The rehearsal studio is a place for YOU, and we hope you are interested in setting a creative and artistic music culture at our wonderful university.

We got drums, amps, PA and much more – we even got cheap, cold beer! All you need to bring is your own instruments. Should you have any ideas for what new equipment we should get, we are all ears. 

The studio is located in building 01, on the hallway that goes from academic books and behind the cantina. It is rented one semester at a time. Follow this link for more information on prices and booking:

For a short tour, send an email to:

As a member

The practice room's members have a facebookgroup. All new members are encouraged to be members of this group and to use it a platform for communication between the other users of the practice room. 

As a member you can book the practice room here. Remember, you have to be signed in with your RUC-id in order to make a booking.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!!!

The Student Council at RU